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Our mission is to implement customised IT solutions that are simple and easy to understand which will help our clients to achieve a leaner and more cost efficient organisation to keep up in this ever competitive business environment.


IT Tailored is a Microsoft technologies specialist.

Our Solutions & Services

To provide flexibility and peace of mind to our clients we are happy to be your;

  • One-stop shop IT solution provider
  • Support your existing IT infrastructure 
  • Serve your ad hoc IT needs 

To find a solution that best fits you or to simply have a non-obligatory consultation, do not hesitate to  Contact Us


Hosting your emails, websites, databases and your applications have never been more flexible and cost effective with cloud based hosting solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Azure and Server 2012.

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Information Management

Applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics CRM can help to build stronger communication ties within your organisation as well as your customers and partners by creating an effective business information management solution.

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IT Requirement Analysis

Our expert opinion based on thorough investigations of your business and IT systems can reveal the best suited IT solution, identify weaknesses in your existing system and offer disaster recovery solutions.

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Support & Maintenance

We provide round the clock onsite and offsite IT support and maintenance for both your hardware and software.  You have the choice of being on a long-term or a pay as you go package.

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