Cloud Solutions

As business environments grow to be more dynamic, traditional methods of hosting only serve to hamper an organisation’s growth to success. Cloud solutions with its cost effective approach provide the perfect fit for organisations looking for flexibility and ease of scalability in this ever changing business environment. With cloud solutions, you no longer have to make heavy upfront investments in hardware and software to host your websites, emails, databases and any other applications you can dream of.

Why Cloud Hosting?

Cost Effective Approach

Savings on initial investment cost for hardware & software, costs for maintaining and upgrading your hardware & licenses for your organisation.

Frees Up Physical Space

You may now use that server room for productive activities that focuses on your organisational goals and objectives.

Increased Stability & Security

Offsite storage protects you from fire and theft threats and downtime from virus attacks and software conflicts are greatly reduced by multiple backups.

Flexibility & Scalability

With cloud hosting, you may increase or reduce your bandwidth and storage requirements at any time and you only have to pay for what you use.

Globalized Accessibility

Your staff can now access the information they need from anywhere in the world from one central location.

Data Backups & Recovery

Cloud servers offer regular backup service over multiple server locations thus ensuring rapid recovery from data disasters.

Our Microsoft Solutions

At IT Tailored, we offer you the choice of hosting your emails, websites and databases in the cloud. Microsoft in keeping in sync with the latest cloud technologies has introduced products like Office 365Azure and Server 2012 to bring your business to the next level.

WindowsAzureMicrosoft Azure is a cloud platform and infrastructure for creating, deploying and managing applications across a global network of Microsoft managed datacentres.

Features include:

  • Guaranteed 99.95% up time every month with round the clock support.
  • Provides automatic updates for web servers and applications.
  • Open to any language, framework or tool to build applications.
  • Per minute billing and automatically expands or shrinks your resource usage based on your needs.
  • Works seamlessly with existing Microsoft applications.
  • Built in SQL server to provide data-mining capabilities.
  • Identity and access management solution for all your Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications in one place.
Office365Microsoft Office 365 is your familiar Office tools but now accessible from  anywhere.


Features include:

  • Accessibility of your Office tools across all pcs and mobile devices.
  • On the go accessibility of emails and shared calendars.
  • File sharing between teammates and customers.
  • Online storage for Office documents. 

WindowsServer2012_transparentMicrosoft’s latest offering of Windows Server 2012 has now moved into placing more emphasis on cloud computing solutions to keep in the direction of delivering cloud services on a global scale.

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