Microsoft SharePoint

is a web based information management tool which connects people and information across business processes and geographical locations. Fundamentally, what Microsoft SharePoint does is to pull information from multiple sources and present this information in a manner suited to the business role from a centralized location. The end result is a business team that works more efficiently and effectively.

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Uses of SharePoint for your business

CRM Solution

Create interactive databases with your lists of customers and suppliers.

Personal Organizer & Shared Calendar

Create customized user accounts to access task lists, organize appointments, calendar, emails.

Central Document Repository

Sensitive organisation documents accessible to certain members of staff.

HTML Website

Websites or home pages can be hosted on SharePoint servers.

Intranet Facility

Create sophisticated intranets for employees to actively engage in to retrieve useful organisational information.


Automate any type of business process by creating workflows to speed up decision making.

Why Microsoft SharePoint?

Better Internal Connectivity & Communication

Intranet sites allow employees to access up to date business information to serve decision making and as centralized repositories for sensitive company information.

Information Sharing Between Organisations

Extranet sites assist with communication between employees and customers, suppliers and partners. Web forms may be used to collect important data or feedback to be processed into critical business information.

Speedier Decision Making

Improved organisational efficiency via customized workflows which automate steps within a business process. All steps from start to end of a business process including approvals and status tracking can be automated.

Improved Organisational Effectiveness

Business intelligence (BI) portals can be created via gathering and integrating critical business information from multiple sources and presented as interactive dashboards, charts, reports, blog sites, spreadsheets, scorecards, and key performance indicators (KPI) to measure an organisation’s success.

Familiar User Experience

The average user can work with SharePoint without requiring extensive configuration and management training because it has a similar user interface to Microsoft Office.


All SharePoint sites, databases and documents can be customized with the organisation’s branding to create a consistent look and feel for internal and external users.

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