Tailored Applications

We do realise that off the shelf solutions or certain SharePoint and Dynamics CRM configurations will not necessarily fit every organisation. Therefore we offer the possibility of creating tailored applications which gives you the perfect fit for your organisational needs and budget.

Integrated Applications

The key to a successful organisation is seamless communication across all departments. Many organisations face the problem of inefficiency due to independent operating applications like CRM, ERP and HR systems. The result of this is the duplication of data stored in different locations. To eradicate this problem we offer the solution to link all applications to simplify business workflows and increase productivity within your organisation.

How we do this?

IT Tailored being a specialist in Microsoft technologies has at its disposal the latest versions of .NET, SQL server, Visual Studio and may other applications to deliver scalable and flexible customised solutions across different operating systems and database platforms.

SQL Server
Visual Studio

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