IT Requirement Analysis

The vast array of information technologies and technical jargon at times offers no solace to an organisation which is not sure what IT solution it should go for. So the best solution sometimes is to get an expert opinion of an IT consultant who can provide the advice you need. At IT Tailored, we conduct a thorough analysis of your business strategy, structure, policies, processes and information systems to determine an appropriate solution. 

How we do this?

In order to make the best possible recommendation, our consultant will conduct interviews and surveys, interviews, focus groups or case studies with all the stake holders and end users based on the following:

Nature of the industry and its considerations.

Commercial goals and objectives of the organisation.

Hierarchical structure and user base.

Operational workflow sequence.

User requirements of each employee, manager and stakeholders.

Our IT Consultancy Services

From our findings of your organisational requirements we will be able to offer the following IT consultancy services:

Disaster Recovery

We provide plans to help your business recover from an IT or information systems disaster which support your critical business functions.


We provide an ongoing audit of your existing systems to identify weaknesses or possible improvements to your IT systems.


Take advantage of the wide range of skills and experience we have and allow us to offer solutions and designs for a new IT system to help your business grow.

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